Wielda’s Call – Session 0

adventurers standing in a dark and gloomy forrest

Not that long ago I discovered the Mythic Gamemaster Emulator 2nd Edition and boi oh boi what a beautiful system that is. Within a very short amount of time I found myself buying everything Word Mill Games had to offer, including the Adventure Crafter, Location Crafter and the Mythic Magazines. I read for days and with every optional rule and article the system impressed me more and more. So much, that I completely forgot to bring it to good use and play with it. Erratical me switched from setting idea to setting idea, from Traveller to Hârn to the next scintillating game world. Now I forced myself to play a short adventure (before attempting a sandbox campaign on Hârn) to test Mythic in the wilds … proverbially. Welcome to Symbaroum, welcome to Davokar!

First things first, we need a suitable character. Like in most cases I’ve chosen to play a female character. And yes, I like playing females because I absolutely hate all the tropes connected with male protagonists, be it computer games or roleplaying games. The only exception to my rule is when I play my male gnomish Pathfinder explorer Noog Halbseiden with a french accent. I love him dearly! And btw. there are too many pseudo-tough male fighters or clever bearded investigators in the roleplaying world … give your creepy, strange or whatever female characters a chance, too!

So here we have Iskade, a female Changeling Rouge foisted by Elves to human foster parents in Yndaros. The backstory has also been done using the Mythic system and interpreted using the burdens that I chose to use for her while generating the character. Please note that from here on you should be ready for some darker themes suited for an adult audience … GO TO BED KIDS!

a female changeling with blight marks and bleak eyes
Iskade, my cute af Changeling Rogue with a soft spot for blood and morning strolls at the banks of Lake Volgoma.

Due to her changeling race, she has the trait Long-Lived which allows her to reach several centuries of age. She is an adept Shapeshifter and can adopt the form of a specific individual for a short amount of time. She is a quite well-trained Marksman supported by an Exceptional Attribute that gives her +1 on Accurate.

She has three burdens. First of all the Bloodthirst burden (show no mercy to enemies): Mythic came up with a combination of words that led me to think that she killed her human sister on impulse. Iskade has been accepted by her foster parents at first when they learned about her changeling roots, but when her elven traits started to show up, her sister began to make fun of her. Iskade started hitting her sister in a fury and did not stop until her head burst.

Covered in blood she grabbed a piece of her sisters skull which she still wears as a talisman tied to her Witch Gown. Realizing what she had done, she packed her bag and ran out of the house. Leaving a message on her sisters dead body asking her foster parents for forgiveness.

The second burden is Nightmares (roll on Resolute to be able to heal naturally while sleeping). Due to a very obvious reason she is plagued with nightmares of her sisters death. But not all nightmares are unwelcome and Iskade is more and more embracing her darker self.

The third burden is Wanted (once in an adventure she has to pass a Discreet check not to be discovered). Iskade’s foster parents didn’t receive the death of her biological child that well (puny little bloodbags) and called for the guards. For the last three years she has been on the run and in constant hiding, making her way to Thristle Hold to offer her services as Scout in the darker Davokar to everybody willing to pay her wage.

Iskade is trained in Witchsight (Novice) and if she could see her own Shadow she would see a dull white aura with more and more ashen streaks possibly because of her backstory. She is currently at a permanent curruption level of 3.

I’ve decided to write the summary of her adventures from the second person perspective. Initially I thought that a narrative style like it was used in the computer game “Bastion” would be quite atmospheric, but I quickly realized that it most likely only works in conjunction with still or motion pictures.

Iskade is ready, and so am I … Davokar is waiting!

… but out of the untamed Wielda appeared, the power that rules:

the power of willful violence, that bends here and there, that curves now and then according to ideals and carvings; that harvests the one and rejects the other.

With time, Wielda’s appetite grew, and the birth was inevitable …

Huldra Aroaleta