Wielda’s Call – Session 2

two travellers infront of the town of thristle hold

Welcome to Session 2 of “Wielda’s Call”. Due to the recent events where Iskade was full to the gills, I decided that she was not in control of this first Scene. She did manage to rescue the young noble but rule-wise … aaaaah … that was more more luck than judgement. So I think raising the Chaos Factor to 6 isn’t more than fair.

She also missed the chance to check on the noble to see whether he was ok or not and just tottered along. On the other hand, she isn’t Saint Iskade and doesn’t really care about what happens next.

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Wielda’s Call – Session 1

outside a tavern in a fantasy town

Ok, so on to the first session of “Wielda’s Call“, my first real playthrough of the Mythic GM Emulator 2nd Edition using the Symbaroum setting and rules. If you haven’t read the character description in Session 0, I would highly recommend you to do so.

I will provide the Chaos Factor and the type for each Scene I play, and when something groundbraking happens, I will also provide the relevant Fate Questions and corresponding dice results in an as unintrusive way as possible.

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Wielda’s Call – Session 0

adventurers standing in a dark and gloomy forrest

Not that long ago I discovered the Mythic Gamemaster Emulator 2nd Edition and boi oh boi what a beautiful system that is. Within a very short amount of time I found myself buying everything Word Mill Games had to offer, including the Adventure Crafter, Location Crafter and the Mythic Magazines. I read for days and with every optional rule and article the system impressed me more and more. So much, that I completely forgot to bring it to good use and play with it. Erratical me switched from setting idea to setting idea, from Traveller to Hârn to the next scintillating game world. Now I forced myself to play a short adventure (before attempting a sandbox campaign on Hârn) to test Mythic in the wilds … proverbially. Welcome to Symbaroum, welcome to Davokar!

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