Laughter in the Neon Afterglow – A Comedy of Errors in 3D Printing My Cyberpunk Queen

the main character v from the computer game cyberpunk 2077 floating in space with a helmet on

Greetings, fellow gamers, digital daredevils, and 3D printing enthusiasts! Today, I’m here to share a hilarious rollercoaster ride through the neon-drenched streets of Night City and the tangled web of challenges I faced while turning my beloved Cyberpunk 2077 character into a resin masterpiece. Buckle up, because this is one adventure that’s bound to tickle your funny bone!

My journey started in the virtual realm, where I wielded my controller like a pixel sorcerer, creating the ultimate cybernetic goddess in Cyberpunk 2077. Armed with killer fashion sense and an arsenal of mods, my character was ready to transcend the digital divide and become a real-world resin diva.

the ingame main character of cyberpunk 2077 looking in the mirror
Ingame V

With a digital heist on my mind, I dove headfirst into the modding underworld to liberate my in-game creation. Armed with the tools of the trade, I successfully exported her 3D model, emerging victorious from Night City’s digital clutches. Enter Blender, my trusty accomplice in this pixelated caper.

Oh, the hair! Little did I know that my digital damsel’s luxurious locks would become the Medusa’s nest of 3D printing nightmares. Strands intertwined like a 3D-printed spaghetti monster, defying the laws of physics and logic. It was as if the virtual hair had a vendetta against being tamed into the real world. Cue the Benny Hill chase music as I chased after rogue strands with my digital comb in Blender.

Having survived the hair-raising ordeal in Blender, it was time to 3D print my character in resin. Little did I know, the resin world had its own sense of humor. Cure times became a slapstick comedy routine, with me checking the printer every five minutes like a paranoid parent. It was a waiting game where patience was a virtue and impatience led to a resin-covered catastrophe.

After what felt like an eternity, the resin bust emerged from the printer, ready to steal the spotlight. Resin, with its glossy finish, brought my cybernetic queen to life in ways I never imagined. The details were so crisp that even the mischievous strands of hair seemed to wink at me in resin-induced satisfaction.

the printed main character of cyberpunk 2077 on a hobby mat
3D Printed V

Now, armed with a paintbrush and a heart full of laughter, it’s time to add the finishing touches to my resin masterpiece. The saga that began with a digital heist, battled through Blender’s comedic chaos, and navigated resin’s quirks is now ready for the grand finale – a riot of colors that will make Night City blush.

And there you have it! A tale of gaming glory, 3D printing misadventures, and resin-induced hilarity. Who knew that turning a virtual vixen into a real-world bust could be such a comedy of errors? As I gaze upon my resin creation, I can’t help but appreciate the laughter that echoes through the polygons, reminding us all that even in the virtual realms, a good chuckle is the best accessory a cybernetic goddess can have.